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Guidelines and Documentation

XML Sports Data

You can find answers on how our sports data subscriptions work at our Sports Wiki. Full XML documentation on each sport in our portfolio can be studied at the Sports Docs.

Sample files (XML)

In order to get an idea of the structure of our XML sports data feeds we encourage you to download one of the following sample XML files.
The files are for examination purposes only and will not be updated. To download, simply right-click on the link and choose “save as…”

American Football (NFL)  Baseball (MLB)  Basketball (NBA)  Cycling (Tour de France)  Formula 1 (Grand Prix Australia)  Golf  Ice Hockey (NHL)  Rugby  Soccer  Soccer Livestats  Tennis  All samples

Sports Data Widgets

You can request a test access to our sports data widgets admin console where you can study documentation and see examples of the individual modules available.
To request a test access please contact our Sales Team.

Coverage Overview

Please download our coverage lists for a complete overview of the sports and tournaments we cover:

Test Accounts

Try it out! Test accounts for Sports Data XML and Widgets

In order to get familiar with our XML products from a technical point of view you can request a test account to our content system.

During your test period you will be able to “pull” (extract) XML data from our database and build the XML you would like to test. In some cases we can also push (send) some data to a receiving server if you prefer this. All test accounts will remain active for 14 days. Hereafter we will contact you regarding a permanent subscription service.

More information about how a permanent XML subscription works at Enetpulse can be found at our Sports Wiki.

Contact a member of our Sales Team to request a test account.

NOTE: In order for us to open up test access we need some information about your company/project as well as a technical contact (the person who will actually do the testing).



Q: What format are the sports data feeds and how do I get it?

A: Our sports data feeds are in Extensible Markup Language (XML) and is delivered via XML PUSH method. In order to receive the data you need to set up a path we can send the data to, which is explained in further detail here. You then need to parse the XML data you receive from us to fit with the data structure on your website, application, software etc..

Q: Does my company need to have skilled IT staff to use your services?

A: Our XML sports data service requires basic knowledge of XML and data processing. Our sports data widgets, however, require no particular technical knowledge as they are created and managed by us.

Q: Do you offer XML PULL/API services?

A: In some cases we can accommodate this. Please contact our Sales Team to hear about the possibilities.

Q: Which sports do you cover and in what detail?

A: Enetpulse cover more than 30 sports with various level of detail, with the Summer Olympics included we reach around 60 sports in total. To see exactly what XML data we offer on each sport, please have a look at our coverage list:
Soccer Coverage    Other Sports Coverage

Q: How fast is the data updated?

A: We strive to update all of our sports data as close to live as possible within the sporting events we cover, without compromising on accuracy and reliability of information. This will always be the main focus of Enetpulse. Latency varies by league and sport but through many years of operation we have built a large network of trusted sources, which enable us to deliver fast and reliable updates of livescores across all sports in our portfolio.
For the events which are covered with results only we add the final result as soon as it is published after the event.

Q: What is the difference between Livescores and Live Stats?

A: Livescores is the core sports data service of Enetpulse and contains live goal/point/time updates of sporting events with information such as match score, goalscorer(s), goal minute, half-time/period/quarter scores, yellow/red cards and full time scores.

Live Stats is an extended livescore product available for soccer only, which contains further in-depth coverage of matches with information such as Shots on target, Shots off target, Corners, Offsides, Fouls Commited, and Ball Possession. Currently this set of data is available for the best leagues in England, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Denmark, as well as the Champions League and World Cup / EURO. We can also offer minute-by-minute auto generated text commentary for these leagues.

Q: What is the difference between XML Sports Data and Sports Data Widgets?

A: With our XML Sports Data solutions you will receive raw data feeds in XML format. These you must integrate and publish yourself on your website, application, software etc. You will need to set up a receiving server, which we can push (send) the XML to as explained above, and parse it into your database structure.

Our Sports Data Widgets contain the same sports data as the XML feed. However, we have already processed and put the data into a structured and styled html module, which you simply need to “copy/paste” on your website as you desire. So, in short, the XML Sports Data Feeds (as explained above) require some technical knowledge in receiving and processing data but gives you maximum freedom to utilize the data, whereas the widget product is a “ready-made” white-label solution, which is ideal if your company wants to avoid spending time on data integration and have as little technical work to do as possible.

Q: Is your sports data feeds and sports data widgets compatible with mobile devices?

A: Yes. Both our Sports Data Feeds and Widgets Solutions are fully compatible with mobile operating systems such as iOS, Android and Windows Phone etc. Our sports data widgets are created in a responsive design, which means they will auto-adjust to the screen size they are shown on.

Q: What kind of odds information do you provide?

A: We provide odds pricing from a wide range of bookmakers for information and comparison purposes. All odds are pre-game and updated regularly with indications of odds price changes. Unfortunately we currently do not provide live odds or turn-key odds solutions for bookmaking purposes.

Q: Do you provide data for in-play betting (scouting data)?

A: No. Enetpulse no longer offer live in-play betting data (scouting feeds) for football. We refer to InPlay Sports Data for live betting data services.

Q: Which languages do you support?

A: Enetpulse can provide our sports data in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Dutch, Czech, Slovakian, Polish, and Bulgarian. If your company requires data in other languages we are happy to look at the possibilities of providing this.

Q: Where can I find your price list?

A: At Enetpulse we understand that every business has different demands and always try to match our products to find the right service for each client. Therefore we do not operate with a fixed price list. Pricing depends on the amount and the detail level of the sports data you require as well as the purpose of using our services. In order to find the right solution for your business we therefore encourage you to let us know which products you require and where you plan to use our services. Some general information about your company/project is also beneficial.  Once we get a better understanding of your needs and plans we will get back to you with some suitable package suggestions.

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