Performance Stats

Take your editorial soccer coverage to the next level with in-depth statistical analysis of the sport’s top performers. Performance Stats offers statistical player and team analysis such as goal ratios, team and player streaks, averages, disciplinary stats, fun facts, and much more.
40+ statistical parametres covered.



bulletpoint30+ leagues covered

bulletpoint40+ statistical parametres

bulletpointAnalyse team and player performances

bulletpointProduce editorial narratives and talking points through stats

bulletpointUse as front-end research tool to stimulate betting activity

bulletpointAvailable in 15 languages

Stats Coverage

How to get it?

XML Sports Data

The latest scores, facts and stats delivered directly to your database via our market-leading XML feed service. You decide how to use the data.

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Sports Data Widgets

If you do not wish to integrate XML feeds our ready-made and configurable widgets is the solution for your business. Responsive and easy to embed.

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Hosted Minisites

We do all the work. Get a fully hosted, responsive white-label scores and stats universe comprised of our sports data widgets.

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Data for your business

Enetpulse is a highly trusted and reliable provider of sports data to media and betting companies worldwide.


Online Sports Media

Supplement your sports news content with live sports updates and key facts to retain your audience.



Reliable data for market creation and settlement, odds market monitoring and front-end solutions for bet stimulation.



Display live and statistical content on-screen for match preview and analysis.


App Builders

Populate your sports application with our fast and flexible live content and stats.

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