XML Sports Data

Take advantage of our huge supply of live and statistical data and enrich your sports content. The Enetpulse update teams monitor 30+ sports 24/7 ensuring the timely delivery of the latest scores, facts and stats directly to our clients via our market-leading and thoroughly tested XML feed service.



bulletpointResults and statistical data from 30+ sports

bulletpointSuperior technical infrastructure

bulletpointFlexible content setup to deliver only the data you want

bulletpointSimple integration

bulletpointReliable and verified sports data

bulletpointAvailable in 15 languages

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Where can the Enetpulse XML data be used?

Our Sports Data Feeds are compatible with virtually any digital platform, including online media, television, mobile/tablet, consoles and teletext.

Sample Files

In order to get an idea of the structure of our XML sports data feeds we encourage you to download one of the following sample XML files.

Where can I find your price list?

Pricing depends on the amount and the detail level of the sports data you require as well as the purpose of using our services. In order to find the right solution for your business we encourage you to contact us and let us know which products you require and where you plan to use our services.

Data for your business

Enetpulse is a highly trusted and reliable provider of sports data to media and betting companies worldwide.


Online Sports Media

Supplement your sports news content with live sports updates and key facts to retain your audience.



Reliable data for market creation and settlement, odds market monitoring and front-end solutions for bet stimulation.



Display live and statistical content on-screen for match preview and analysis.


App Builders

Populate your sports application with our fast and flexible live content and stats.

Not sure which product suits you more?

Contact us to learn about our range of sports data products and services.

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