Shooting for the stars with football data

How do you become the pulse of football? In this client case we reveal how Enetpulse has helped a small Norwegian startup create one of the world’s most popular sports apps for mobile with millions of daily active users.

What is FotMob? 

FotMob is one of the most popular livescore apps for mobile devices. The app is created and maintained by a small independent and football-crazy team based in the fjords of Bergen, Norway.

Every day, over 10 million people worldwide use FotMob to stay alert about how their favorite football team is doing as well as keeping up-to-date with results from hundreds of soccer competitions around the world. 

Today, FotMob is widely regarded as one of the go-to apps for football fans and has been recognised by Apple, Google, and the New York Times as a leading sports app.

The Challenge

The FotMob app project started 15 years ago in Bergen, Norway. Founder and CEO Christer Norvik wanted to develop a livescore app, which was more personal. With FotMob users should be able to follow their favourite team(s) from everywhere and get a more personalized experience with live score updates, notifications and latest news. 

After finishing the initial development of the app, FotMob started looking for a reliable football data provider to populate the app with the needed data. The aim was to get as broad a coverage as possible to give the app a worldwide appeal.

Therefore, FotMob had to identify a provider that could facilitate data from hundreds of football leagues 24/7. As the app would be largely reliant on a continuous flow of live data, reliability and accuracy were also key in the decision making process.

“The growth this app has experienced, would not have been possible without the stable delivery of live score data from Enetpulse.” 

Christer Nordvik
CEO, Fotmob.

The Solution

In the end, Enetpulse’s broad coverage of football and long history of powering major live score platforms, laid a solid foundation to collaborate further on the project. 

As FotMob had already built and designed the app the requirement was solely data to populate the app with fresh scores and stats. After a collaborative review of all available options, the Enetpulse XML Push solution was chosen as the best solution.

This solution ensures a stable and timely delivery of live score data. Simply put, whenever there is a key update to a match, the freshly entered data is transmitted to an endpoint at FotMob and instantly published on the app to the end user. 

Further to this, the lightweight XML data format is ideal for populating the app with data during peak periods with a lot of simultaneous events, for example during midweek European football and weekends.

The Benefits

Since its founding, the FotMob app has grown its user base steadily and today millions of football fans use the app on a daily basis. The success of the app is also apparent in the company, which has grown from two employees to 23.

Enetpulse has helped FotMob not only by curating live scores and results data but also by being open to expand coverage when needed, allowing FotMob to upscale and fulfil their ambition behind the app; to follow our local club from anywhere.

“We’ve been working with Enetpulse for more than 5 years, and whatever we have needed, Enetpulse has always been there to assist and help us fulfil our ambitions. It means a lot to us that we have a proactive and flexible partner by our side”

“The growth this app has experienced, would not have been possible without the stable delivery of live score data from Enetpulse,”  says CEO of Fotmob, Christer Nordvik.


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