World Cup 2023 Solutions

We are ready for The Women’s World Cup 2023 in Australia and New Zealand with live coverage to excite your audience! Check out our solutions by clicking the link below.

Want to see what our coverage of the men’s World Cup in Qatar 2022 looked like? Then keep scrolling.


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World Cup 2022 Solutions

We are ready with extraordinary coverage of the biggest sporting event of the year when the FIFA World Cup kicks off in Qatar in November 2022. Follow every game as if you were there yourself with play-by-play commentary, live stats and in-depth analytics of player and team performances.

In short, we bring you all you need to supplement your editorial coverage of the World Cup. And we’ve made it all easy for you with our market leading hosted solutions.


Hosted solution

Our solutions for major football events, such as FIFA World Cup, present the most in-depth coverage of a sporting event in the 20+ year history of Enetpulse. And with our fully hosted live score solution you will get everything in one place. No development work is required. We will brand the solution with your company’s look and feel and you are ready for the Finals!


Sports Data Widgets

If you want to have more freedom compared to a completely hosted solution but don’t fancy working with raw data, then widgets is the way to go. Make your editorial coverage of the World Cup more dynamic and lively by adding easily embeddable widgets with the latest scores, results, standings and stats. Widgets are fully responsive and will fit neatly into any device they are shown on.


API Data

With the Enetpulse API you will get access to data worthy of a world champion. You get complete freedom to use a broad set of data points to build exactly the coverage you need for the tournament.

As the World Cup is an ultra high profile event, it’s critical to source accurate and comprehensive data to deliver a responsive experience, which engages your audience in the drama of the game. With our proven sports data API you will get just that.

  • Most Games Played

  • Top Scorer

  • Most Team Goals

  • Most Trophies

  • Biggest Win

  • Most Cards

  • Oldest Player

  • Most Assists

  • Most Penalties Awarded

  • Fastest Goal

What’s new for the World Cup?

Check out some of the new data points, which we will be monitoring for all games during the tournament.

  • Succesful passes / key passes / total passes
  • Aerial duels won / lost
  • Scoring opportunities created / missed
  • ShotS hitmap
  • Dangerous attacks
  • Defensive errors
  • Interceptions / TACKLES

Build your own World Cup coverage


Match Centre

All the action in one place. The Match Centre gives you the full live overview with live scores, match stats and play-by-play commentary. You can also see team line-ups and subs as well as H2H between the two competing teams. In short, all you need to know about the game.


Line-ups and ratings

Get your users involved! As always Enetpulse is ready with line-ups as soon as they become available. But unlock the new ratings feature in our line-up widget and keep your audience engaged after the game. With this neat new feature your users can easily give their verdict on player performance and share the results from thousands of user-collected ratings.


Tournament stats

The 2022 World Cup will present more stats than ever before. In addition to our performance stats on player and team level, we will introduce even deeper stats such as completed passes, key passes and second assists, shots heatmap, aerial duels won, chances created and many more.


Team profile

Dive into the 32 participating nations at the World Cup with visually appealing team stats such as goal types, shot stats, key passes, defensive performance indicators and much more. And of course, you get full squad lists, player bios, road to the Finals and past results.


Player profile

The world’s best players will all be present at the World Cup and we follow their every move. Analyze player performance with stats on goals, passing, offensive and defensive actions and much more. Our World Cup 2022 coverage will contain more detailed coverage than ever before to satisfy your audience demand for in-depth analysis.


Groups and results

Get a quick and comprehensive overview of who will make it to the final stage and how they got there. The Groups and Results widget is an essential part of our widget suite and works as a neat gateway to other widgets, such as the match centre, results overview as well as team and player profiles.


Predictions and ratings

Start creating engagement! Get your users involved in your coverage of the World Cup with the “pick your winners” widget, which allows users to make their predictions for upcoming matches. The feature is ideal for creating simple but engaging competitions for your audience.

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