NTB and Enetpulse partnership

Adapting to the digital evolution of the media landscape

Learn how NTB and Enetpulse are collaborating to provide the Norwegian market with the full package of sports data in one place.

Who is NTB?

NTB is a Norwegian news agency, that provides text, photos, and videos to the Norwegian media. As the leading provider in Norway, they strive to provide the total package to their customers – especially when it comes to sports. With a rich history tracing back over 150 years, NTB is now on a journey to adapt to the ever-changing media landscape.

Their vision is to become Europe’s most innovative news agency, and they are currently focusing on transforming their role from a traditional news agency into a news and media technology agency.

Watch the video introduction of NTB below.

Becoming the complete sports data provider on the Norwegian market

Sports data plays a crucial role in NTB’s offerings. To cater to the audience’s need for real-time updates and comprehensive coverage, Editor-in-chief and CEO of NTB, Tina Mari Flem, says:

“Sports today is all about speed. You don’t want to wait until the next stage to see what happened in that game or that match. You want it now, you want it live and digital as it is happening. So being able to provide solutions like this, also together with our partner Enetpulse, is the reason we are as successful as we are in Norway today.”

Recognizing the importance of speed and accuracy in sports coverage, NTB has prioritized the development of solutions that provide live, digital, and up-to-the-minute updates. Through its partnership with Enetpulse, NTB has solidified its position as a total supplier of sports data, offering comprehensive coverage of both Norwegian and international sports.

“Sport is all about passion. Not only in individual sports but also in team sports. Our customers also spend a lot of time when it comes to their solutions in their arenas. So, it’s very important for us to offer them good solutions.” Says CEO Tina Mari Flem.

To be able to provide the total package of media solutions to their 200+ sports media clients in Norway, NTB has partnered up with Enetpulse since 2014. NTB bought NIFS (Norwegian International Football Statistics) in 2014 who had been using Enetpulse as its sports data provider since 2009. NTB chose to continue the partnership and has since built a solid foundation for collaboration with Enetpulse.

NTB and Enetpulse’s partnership

Central to the partnership is a combination of local expertise coupled with a global outlook. NTB are experts on the Norwegian sports market. They collect their own sports data and also cover it editorially. Together with Enetpulse global sports coverage, they are able to provide the whole package. CEO, Tina Mari Flem, says:

Together with Enetpulse, we are the total supplier, so they don’t need anyone else than us.

A strong foundation for the collaboration is the communication and systems that Enetpulse provides, Head of Sports Data Terje Alstad says:

“Their system is highly dependable, and the communication with Enetpulse’s team is excellent. Whenever something is missing or we aim to expand our coverage of a certain sport, reaching out to Enetpulse is effortless, and we can easily determine the steps required to enhance our coverage”

NTB’s ambition is to offer sports results and statistics, across a wide range of sports to cater to the interest of the Norwegian audience, to achieve this NTB relies on the data Enetpulse can provide.

Watch the video below and hear what NTB had to say about our collaboration.

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