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The sports data API is the heartbeat of Enetpulse. All of our data from 80+ sports is stored here, and more is feeding in by the second as sporting events unfold around the world. Simply make a call to the Enetpulse API for the data you want before, during and after events and we will serve it in a matter of seconds. Trusted by 200+ clients worldwide.

What is a sports data API?

A sports data API is the connection and delivery method between our content systems and your platforms. The Enetpulse sports data API is your way to unrivaled sports data. With the Enetpulse JSON API, you’ll get access to one of the largest databases of sports data on the market. Not only do we provide broad coverage with more than 80 sports we also have deep coverage with a great number of data points, especially for the most anticipated tournaments in global sports. 

Get sports data on horse racing and cycling

Only the data you want, when you want

Don’t waste time with oversized and cluttered data sets you don’t need. The Enetpulse API allows you to easily access specific sets of data at the intervals of your choice. It is data on demand for easy and flexible implementation anywhere on your site.

The best sports data api on American football

Why choose the Enetpulse sports data API?

  • Reliable, fast and flexible API 
  • Easy setup  
  • Data on demand 
  • Thorough documentation 
  • 24/7 Technical Support 
  • 18 languages supported
  • Free Test Account
Sports score API solutions

Football data via Sport data API

With the Enetpulse API you will get access to data from 600+ football leagues. This gives you a wealth of opportunities to optimize your football coverage as you like with fast, timely and accurate feeds from the football leagues of your choice. Get a personalized quote on our football data feeds today! 

Easy to use sports data api on cycling and basketball

Save time and money

Save time and backend costs. With our sports data API you will get fully structured JSON data ready to consume directly in your website or app. There is no need to setup and maintain a database to handle incoming data.

Further, the API provides a wide range of parameters which makes it flexible for different client needs.

How about a test drive?

Get familiar with our data straight away and see if it fits with your setup. We are pretty sure you will like it. Contact us for a free test access to our API and get your hands dirty now.

the best Formel 1 sports data api

Full online documentation

Getting started is easy, but if needed, help is always at hand. You can find full documentation on all aspects of the service to get you up and running smoothly. You can even try out our sports data API directly in the online documentation with our API Browser.


A data structure built to win

JSON is a fast and lightweight data format ideal for use on websites and apps. With sports data you often need to pull simple and defined data sets. Therefore JSON is the ideal format to quickly fetch and implement our data on multiple digital platforms.

Smaller in message size, easier to parse and load in Javascript and compatible with virtually any programming language, JSON is the ideal format for fast and reliable delivery of sports data.

Let us do the hard work

Sports data feeds widgets

Don’t fancy working with raw data feeds? If not, then take advantage of our easily embedded sports data widgets. Widgets allows you to utilize the Enetpulse sports data without the help of a developer through fully responsive, customizable sports modules.

Sports data API FAQ

What is the pricing for our sports data API? The answer varies based on your requirements. Despite Enetpulse offering attractive pricing models, we acknowledge that every business is unique and, hence we do not have fixed pricing models. Depending on your sports, coverage levels, and number of requests, we will find the best-suited solution for you. We always offer free testing of our sports data API for a minimum of two weeks, so you can get used to structures and clarify questions before going live to your users.

Firstly, together with our skilled commercial and technical teams, you’ll define what the right coverage and delivery method is. To get familiar with our products, you will be allowed to test our service for free for two weeks. The testing will also help us decide on the right setup for your requirements. From this point, it’s quite simple: We will agree on the commercial terms, and you’ll be able to use our sports data for commercial use – always with our 24/7 IT support available for questions.

Free API’s exist and also for sports data delivery. These are typically not as fast, and the reliability of the data is lower. Whether you prefer a free sports data API or a premium one, should depend on your requirements and your business type. At Enetpulse, we always strive to maintain the highest possible quality with a speed that matches the other leading providers.

Some providers have fixed prices for their sports data API – however, at Enetpulse, we work with the mindset that every business is unique, hence the price will differ depending on the specific package. Get in touch with our skilled sales team to get one of multiple quotes on sports data API or XML delivery.

Yes, there are APIs showcasing sports scores, with the Enetpulse API as one of the market-leading options. We work with a JSON pull API, making it easy and flexible to build the sports universe you want. See more about the Enetpulse API at Sports Score API | Leading provider of live sports data | Enetpulse 

Of course. Most of our clients are monthly subscribers, but whether you prefer to pay annually or monthly, is up to your preferences. We usually offer a discount model with an annual, upfront payment.

We receive all standard transaction methods and the currency is always set and agreed in the contract. Our standard currency is €.

Our API uptime is always as close to 100% as possible, and some months, it will in fact be at 100%. However, we always promise an uptime of 99,7% or more.

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