Compound widgets

Our compound widgets are created with you in mind all the way through. Say hello to the webmaster’s best friend, built to make your job much easier.

With compound widgets, all of our best standalone widgets have been carefully selected and put together in one simple solution. With a single script, you can now integrate a bundle of widgets all at once, and, of course, still customise them as our standalone widgets.
Minimize your technical workload and get compound widgets for your site today!


Compound widget

What is a compound widget?

A sports data compound widget is a specialized software tool or component that combines various data elements and visualizations to provide comprehensive information and insights related to sports events, teams, or athletes. 

The compound widget is fully customizable meaning you can set the widget to your specific language, along with making it fit into your site by setting it to your custom font and colours in the headers, to give it that natural feel that fits your visual brand identity. 

Say goodbye to set up cHALLENGES

Plug’n’play solution

So why are compound widgets easier to integrate than standalone widgets you may ask?

Because we have already done all the work by setting up a complete universe of all the widgets that you would need, we are saving you the work of having to select and add each widget individually to your site. 

Compound widget
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Compound types

With Enetpulse compound widgets, we’ve selected the best widgets from each area of the football universe and merged them. Each of our compound widgets contains a number of standalone widgets closely related to each other. You can place them all together or spread them out on your site in the best way you see fit for your users.

  • Event compound
  • Tournament compound
  • Player compound
  • Team compound
  • Livescore compound (ALL-IN-ONE)

See a sneak peek of our compound widgets selection below!

Football compound types

  • Team compound

  • Player compound

  • Livescore compound (ALL-IN-ONE)

  • Tournament compound

  • Event compound

Compound or fully hosted websites?

What is the difference between compound widgets and full sports websites?

The compound widget is an easy plug-and-play solution for your site, that you can place anywhere you would like, which gives you a lot more freedom and flexibility compared to a fully hosted website. A compound widget is the right solution for you if you already have an existing site with content that could be elevated or supported by a small impactful widget universe. 

Want to know more? Get in touch and let’s talk about how compound widgets can help your business!

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