Sport data solutions for media

It takes more than just watching a game to unfold all the stories. We’ve developed a number of sport data solutions specifically for sport media with large audiences who expect a little extra. Take a look at some of those solutions here.


Specialized widgets

A number of our widgets are tailored to media and broadcasters. The possibility of linking to a TV-guide directly from a fixture list, add highlight reels to results pages and much more make our widgets not only an essential part of your coverage but also incredibly simple to work with.



Our videocutting software allows you to pinpoint events from all events that you have the broadcasting rights to and create highlight reels in a matter of seconds. It saves you both time and resources while creating the perfect video coverage of your events.


Performance stats

Sports is about more than just 1’s and 0’s. It’s about building stories and excitement. Performance Stats allows you to do this by using the power of in-depth stats and context. This will provide your audience with stat-based story lines, which go a lot deeper than your normal sports coverage.



Data triggered by live events or timestamps during games. Use it to provide your editorial team with the stories beyond what is seen by the naked eye. The LiveTips service is a back-end solution that will assist your research and provide you with a new level of data.

Selected media partners

“There’s always someone ready to assist us at Enetpulse. Whether it’s day or night, we’re always able to find a solution. Their support have been a life-saver.”
Stilian Shishkov
“We have greatly improved our offering by partnering with Enetpulse. Due to the full spectrum of sports data, we have been able to create a complete user experience for our markets”
Radoslaw Jaroszek
Product Owner,
“Their large portfolio of sports is quite impressive. It has helped make us unique in our market. Combining the broad coverage with our own local data, is something our customers really appreciate. “
Terje Alstad
Head of Sportsdata, NTB

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