Always another pass forward

On the 22nd of June 2000, the official registration in the Danish Trade Register took place for Enetpulse. As part of the company for the past 18 years, I am proud as well as grateful that we can announce our 20 years anniversary this year. The official celebrations may have been postponed due to the past months’ worldwide situation, but I still believe that the family of Enetpulse has a lot to be proud of. 

20 years is a commonly embraced opportunity to make status. To look back at all the achievements and, intentionally or not, relax a bit. But even though we at Enetpulse should take the time to look back with a smile, it is not in our nature to stop and only enjoy the progress. Instead, we always look ahead for the next goal. In other words: Enetpulse will always keep aiming to develop further. 

That drive is a determining part of the story about Enetpulse. A story of pushing the game forward and not being afraid of risks. Because when we lose the ball, and we will lose it from time to time, Enetpulse has a team prepared to deliver a full court pressure to win back the momentum. With that mentality, it is pretty obvious that we prefer to look forward rather than back – but let us not forget where we are coming from and what brought us to where we are today: Passion for sports and a determination to play a role. 

An unpredictable journey

Back in 2000, Enetpulse started as a Danish startup gathering sports data from a few football leagues – delivered to a few clients in the format of teletext. Today we cover more than 80 sports, hundreds of leagues, thousands of events, all made possible by more than 200 valued clients located all over the world. By all means, this is a huge transformation from the start to now, and I truly believe that each hurdle and success in between have played a role in where Enetpulse is today. 

Despite this, we are never satisfied if we are not moving. Our services and distribution are aimed to improve year by year – and they will. At Enetpulse we will keep growing into new markets and rethink our sportsdata products. We crave to be a part of the storytelling of sports and our finest success is to contribute to the passion and joy of sports – we simply cannot help it. 

To all our loyal partners and clients who have been a part of the journey: We are truly grateful for the past and encourage you to stay on the journey for the future. We can’t wait to use our passion for sports to inspire and engage people around the world for the next 20 years. At least.

Simon Skarsholm, Managing Director, Enetpulse

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