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Kamil Murcko, Enetpulse’s Head of Sales, believes that the rescheduled tournament will generate increased levels of fan engagement – perhaps more so than the original dates.

With the group stages due to kick off on 11 June, the appetite for a major international football event is clicking into overdrive. Betting companies are turning their attention towards keeping fans intrigued in the run-up to, and during, the tournament.

“It is our strong expectation that the tournament will create more excitement than originally expected,” said Murcko. “The whole of Europe and the rest of the world is hungering for a major football event, and what is more intense than the European Championships?

“With the still questionable situation, especially about spectators or not, we actually expect an even bigger public interest. Every media and sports business needs to be prepared to deliver for their users – also if they can’t enter the stadiums.

“At Enetpulse we hope for a successful event and full stadiums – but if that isn’t happening, we are motivated to help our clients bringing the excitement to the homes instead.”

“Logically, the extra waiting time has only increased the hype around the tournament, which is also the trend we see at our clients. It seems that all the question marks only make the desire of bringing the excitement of football fully back even bigger. At Enetpulse, we expect the same levels of activity as we would usually see for major football events, perhaps even more.”

Increased focus on team and player performances 

Set to take place across 12 different European cities, the Euro 2020 structure was designed to place a spotlight on the tournament and “bring the top nations’ encounters closer to the local fan bases”.

When looking to engage with fans across the continent, that data is key to piquing bettors’ interest in the games. Murcko said: “When it comes to the national team games, the fans’ interest grows exponentially and so also the need to access fast, reliable, and comprehensive information on the team performance.”

“The growing demand on the data details defined a need for a new layer of in-game player statistics data to serve the wide football audience from an occasional supporter up to the devoted fan.”

For Enetpulse, the growing demand for instant data has led the company to pour extra resources into ‘developing and presenting numerous solutions’ for its clients.

These additional resources include a rating index which Murcko believes will allow it to distinguish itself from the competition: “Pointing out one unique element of Enetpulse EURO solution, without a doubt I can say it’s the player and team performance rating index,” he added.

“Enetpulse Performance Index is based on an algorithm developed by experienced professionals in data collection and analytics and combines more than 25 different individual statistics variables to provide an objective performance rating.

“Unlike the other available ratings, our index is updated live during the game in 15 minutes intervals and after each significant incident such as scored goals or awarded cards.”

High flexibility and diverse solutions

From a commercial perspective, companies in the betting and gaming industry, as well as media, will be  on the hunt for new solutions which deliver ‘complete statistical content for the best experience’ – something that Enetpulse is confident it can provide.

But with each client demanding different things, Enetpulse has taken a ‘three pillar’ approach to providing a range of delivery options, which include a hosted white label, standalone widgets and data feeds or APIs.

“The hosted white label is a complete EURO site solution customised based on clients’ specifications,” Murcko shared. “We typically see high interest in this from businesses that prefer not to put all the hard work into development but still want a customised solution.

The standalone widgets can be placed on any site by using an embed code which can help enrich editorial content through the use of game statistics.

“We strive to find the right balance between a readymade site and numerous custom options which are crucial for our clients.”

A common choice for newspapers or other media clients, the Enetpulse widgets will give clients more ‘freedom to place the content wherever it suits best’.

“We strive to find the right balance between a readymade site and numerous custom options which are crucial for our clients.”

Bringing fan engagement around Euro 2020

Looking at the data feed and APIs, Enetpulse noted that these are best suited to its clients that are interested in building their own front-end solution or applications.

While this can sometimes be the most time-consuming option, the sports data feeds supplier said that this can also be the most flexible of the three pillars as ‘data can be structured and used in any relevant way’.

Murcko concluded: “I would say that not only our clients but businesses in general look for a solution that will engage and serve their audience, meaning complete statistical content for the best Euro 2020 experience.

“This includes our unique and highly attractive video highlights cutting service ‘PEAK’ provided to broadcasting rights holders and adding another layer to the coverage. The instant and live video cutting service brings the game to life and gives a new dimension to enthusiastic football fans.

“Furthermore, integration of TV guides or odds, as well as the detailed player and team performance statistics, ratings, and tracking data are worth mentioning.

“Each of the delivery options comes with customisation to meet the high requirements of a global media company, news agency, broadcast, fantasy sports but also serve the social media channels, forums or fan pages with fast and reliable updates from the most expected sporting event of the year 2021.”

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