The challenges

As in any industry, there are several challenges in the world of sports coverage that prevent companies from getting the most out of their business and in turn hurt their revenue potential. Leveraging sports data in the right way is key to overcoming some of these challenges.

One of the common challenges in the sports coverage industry is the fear of changing providers. Despite dissatisfaction, many companies hesitate to change providers, apprehensive about potential operational disruptions, integration challenges, and potential downtime.

Another common challenge many companies face is limited customer engagement. Traditional platforms may fail to fully harness the power of data for fostering deeper customer interactions, leading to missed opportunities for audience engagement and retention.

But fear not – in the following section we will present a strategy tailored to solve these challenges and enhance your brand.

Visualizing the Data

Raw numbers alone often fail to tell the whole story. They must be transformed, envisioned, and made accessible to truly bring out their value. Sure, the names Kylian Mbappe and Alisson Becker are familiar to many, but what about QPR’s Chris Willock or UC Sampdoria’s Bruno Amione? And let’s say there’s a goal scored from 30 yards out – but was it right from the center or did it arc from the sides? That’s just scratching the surface; we’ve yet to dive into the realm of statistics amassed over countless games or even whole seasons. This is where data visualization steps in, converting intricate data patterns into intuitive and aesthetically pleasing designs that not only drive engagement but also aid in decision-making.

What sets companies apart in today’s competitive marketplace is the ability to think outside the box, use data in a novel way, and weave their own unique stories. But you shouldn’t be doing all the work – the chosen data provider must offer comprehensive sports coverage and top-tier data quality that’s easy to navigate. Even better, imagine if they could shine a light on how to tailor the numbers to strike a chord with your product and your audience. That’s the magic mix to really turbocharge your brand’s potential.

This sentiment isn’t a standalone one. Terje Alstad, Head of Sportsdata at NTB, powerfully illustrates this point by saying:

“Their (Enetpulse) large portfolio of sports is quite impressive. It has helped make us unique in our market. Combining the broad coverage with our own local data is something our customers really appreciate.”

Alstad’s sentiment is shared by many in our client network, as many appreciate the adaptable nature of Enetpulse’s data and its smooth blend with local data streams.

This infographic showcases the potential of data visualization. Watch as our solutions give raw numbers a new form, turning them into captivating visuals that engage viewers and drive conversions.

Sports data hacks

Want to know more?

If you want to learn about more strategies that can help you overcome industry challenges, click below to download our whitepaper where we have boiled down some of the essential industry knowledge that we have collected over the span of 23 years in the game!

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