The challenges

For the last hack in our whitepaper excerpts, we will discuss ways to overcome several common industry challenges.

A lot of sports media outlets struggle with data providers that often deliver inconsistent and subpar data, damaging audience trust and resulting in misleading insights. Furthermore, technical errors and system interruptions can severely degrade a media outlet’s reputation as audiences lean toward more reliable sources of information. Therefore, it is crucial to think about actionable ways to improve reliability and continuity.

Reliability and Continuity

Maintaining an uninterrupted service is crucial for any business, but it becomes pivotal when operations are tied to high-stakes, rapidly changing events. A reputation for continuity can set a brand apart, laying the foundation for trust and a solid online presence. This reliability offers users a seamless experience, encouraging return visits as they come to depend on real-time, accurate information, which is a non-negotiable aspect in the dynamic world of sports.

The flip side of this coin is significant. In today’s fast-paced world, consumers are not inclined to wait, and with fierce competition, alternatives are just a click away. Service disruptions can quickly erode trust, diminish user engagement, and result in missed opportunities. Unreliable data or inconsistent service can drive users to seek out other sports content sources, dealing a significant blow to your brand’s reputation.

To safeguard against service disruptions, certain features are integral in a sports data service:


FotMob and LiveScore’s Success with Enetpulse

Let’s introduce two notable partners who collaborated with us and demonstrated a clear pathway toward enhancing service reliability and continuity.

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Who is LiveScore?

Founded in 1998, LiveScore is a prominent global sports media company that offers real-time updates and live streaming services. With users across 200 territories, the brand has solidified its reputation for providing top-quality content, making it one of the most recognized names in the sports market.

Who is FotMob?


Based in Bergen, Norway, FotMob is a leading live score mobile app revered globally by over 10 million daily users. With a small but passionate team behind it, the company has become one of the world’s favorite football apps, earning nods from heavyweights like Apple, Google, and the New York Times.



Comparing challenges and solutions:
Sports data hacks

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If you want to learn more strategies that can help you overcome industry challenges, click below to download our full whitepaper where we have boiled down some of the essential industry knowledge that we have collected over 23 years in the game!

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